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Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! That's the name of the game here. Of course, if you are like me, you'll buy one of each! That's what I did! I want to try everything (at least once - I think!).

Welcome to the great dilemma. Might as well be right up front with you. This is, and always has been, the biggest challenge for Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ. Yup. Somehow, we gotta make you happy, and yet, there's somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple-of-a-few billion of us on the planet right now.

Ok, down to the nitty gritty. Exactly what size was your finger? Did you get a piece of string and take the time to do the calculations? If not, please see (how to measure your finger, or whatever we done called it to help ya out with all the calculation!)

Now, ya got yer finger size? Great! Next thing is to take a look at your options. Whoa! These guys did their homework!!! Look at all the sizes!!! Don't worry... we'll make it work for you! (A complete line of various sizes and thickness are coming very soon, and more options will also be added throughout the year. We have a number of new ideas for you - Stay Tuned!!!)

See, playing slide guitar is a very precise art form. Oh, not for everyone... I mean, I tried playing with those big, loose, dangling objects before... but if you ask me for my humble opinion, that's kinda difficult... I'm trying to nail down something specific, while sliding around and around, and man, we're talking a tall order... Whoops, missed again!!! Hey, what happened to my finger???

Back to our story. What kinda slide player are you - any way? Or, was that every way? Sure, I love the classic slide guitar riffs -- just as much as the next guy. We've even got a pretty long one here (1.25"), just to help you achieve similar results in that arena. And someday, we might even do 1.5", but then again -- maybe not.

If you're looking to nail down three (3) solid strings, this is definitely the way to go (1.25"). You could even use one long Peaceland Guitar RingŪ (1" or 1.25"), and still add several smaller widths to your other fingers, and still do all kinds of jumping, hammer-slides, pull-off-slides, and many other tricky and wonderful new slide effects. The width definitely will not slow you down here.

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Within days of their introduction at at NAMM '05, Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ were in the news. Read the article at (formerly known as MusserRings)

The only time the width of the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ can become an issue, is when you decide to play on different frets, with different slides -- on adjacent strings (different intervals). Now, we're talkin' precision. This is definitely an art worth exploring. Here is the "new horizon". These are things "never been seen or done before" -- at least until now!!! So, of course, it takes a different approach. It also takes some patience... Blood, sweat, and years, as they say... although you may be doing it, a lot faster than you think!

Let's say you want to maximize your efforts in attaining "ultimate slide interval flexibility". You need to "think SMALL!!!" -- as small as you can afford to go, in terms of optimal width of the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ. The smaller the better. Unless of course, you still want to achieve more than one string at a time with one single slide (say, on the same fret -- on two different strings). We'll talk later about combining a slightly larger Peaceland Guitar RingŪ, along with several smaller ones.

One other issue to be concerned with here is, are you playing barre chords? If so, you may want to avoid altogether using a Peaceland Guitar RingŪ on your first finger. If not, hey -- the more the merrier! More intervals, bigger leaps and -- faster slides!!! Whew, I'm workin' up a sweat here!

Here's a few suggestions, although you should already know by now... we are here to assist and guide. Ultimately, what you do with Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ, is purely a matter of your own ingenuity. That's what it's all about here! It's really entirely up to you, to find the best solution, for your own personal goals.

Another difficulty in making recommendations here is everyone has their "favorite finger" for playing slide. Some like pinky, some like 3rd finger, some like middle, and some just don't like it at all - at least up until now... And that's where we come in.

So, maybe start with one Peaceland Guitar RingŪ. Try your favorite finger. Get the feel. See how you like it. Try to find a width that best matches your purposes, and hopefully optimizes your available space between the two middle-joints of your fingers. The best thing to do is to find a width that fits right in the middle of your finger, and then turn the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ sideways, just enough, so that your finger has FULL FLEXIBILITY! Again, you'll have to measure your finger to find the best results.

If you're adventurous like me, well, there's no turning back now. This is a "slide player's paradise." You can virtually do anything you can imagine here, and now it's up to your own imagination to find a way to your dreams.

Personally, on the left hand, I like to use a 1" Peaceland Guitar RingŪ on my middle finger, a 3/4" Peaceland Guitar RingŪ on my 3rd (ring) finger, and a 1/2" Peaceland Guitar RingŪ on my pinky. On the right hand, a 3/4" Peaceland Guitar RingŪ for my 3rd finger. That is the best optimization of available space on both of my hands. Sure, I could use larger ones, and possibly hit more strings on the same fret. But those tricks have all been done before, and quite frankly, I'm into new territory.

So, take your time, and see what works for you. We'll be here to spur you on. The sky's the limit!

Enjoy the abundance! Enjoy your new found slide freedom! Above all, we want to hear what you're doing! We love to hear all your fresh new ideas - and share them with the rest of the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ Community! We'll set up links for you, and soon we'll be changing the world, in ways we never dreamed of. Who knows, maybe even world-peace -- even in our lifetime...