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Sky-High Right-Hand Peaceland Guitar RingŪ Tapping Slide Techniques

Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ are great for all kinds of new left-handed slide techniques. But let's not limit ourselves to just one hand! Try a Peaceland Guitar RingŪ also on your picking hand (3rd finger seems to work pretty well for most people as it is the closest long finger to the strings). You can achieve some amazing "Sky-High" slide tricks. For instance, try using the left hand to slide down from the 22nd fret on the first string, and then put the right hand Peaceland Guitar RingŪ on the first string above the fretboard and slide upwards towards the bridge. You can also do the opposite. Slide up on the left hand and down with the right hand. You can do all sorts of "dive bomb" effects, and scrapes and rakes across the upper strings, and then scrape the pick across the strings as well.

The right-hand Peaceland Guitar RingŪ (is that something like a left-handed screwdriver?) can also work really well for right-hand tapping effects, and then you can switch from tapping to slide with the right hand...instantaneously. The cool thing about tapping with the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ is if you are a finger-picker and like to grow your nails - this is the way to go!!! Tapping can be a challenge for finger-pickers with nails on the right hand. Personally, I have always kept my pinky nail short so that I could do tapping on my pinky. The Peaceland Guitar RingŪ is a godsend for tapping, and also offers the option of sliding as well.

Of course, all Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ can be worn on either the left or right hand. They are fully interchangeable.

Turning for Intervals

One of the most important things about Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ is the ability to play different intervals on different strings at the same time using more than one Peaceland Guitar RingŪ. In order to achieve these intervals, it is necessary for the width of the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ to be relatively small so that it does not interfere with the other strings, thereby inhibiting you from achieving some intervals you may wish to strive for.

In other words, traditional slide players like to have a "large surface" area, so that they can use "open tunings" and play "chords" with the big bar. Those are great for that purpose. The problem with that approach is you are severely limited in the number of intervals you can achieve, unless you play pedal steel.

Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ solve this problem by allowing you to turn the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ to the side (before starting your song), such that the wide part of the ring is to the side, between your fingers, instead of on the inside of your hand. This allows you to shorten the length of the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ to the exact size you need in order to achieve intervals on adjacent strings with little or no difficulty. If you need a little more surface to grab another string, there is no need to "turn the slide" during performance, you just lean your hand a little to the wider side of the slide, and joila - the wider surface is available to you!

Within days of their introduction at at NAMM '05, Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ were in the news. Read the article at (formerly known as MusserRings)

Easily switch between standard fingering, chromatics, bending, pull-offs, hammer-ons and tapping, with the freedom to slide in, around, and between all of your favorite guitar licks - any time you want.

Play any interval you can reach, not just the ones that the "bar" can make. Try using 3 or 4 Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ at a time, and you can play nearly any interval you want, and even bend some notes while holding others still. And the best thing is, it's easy to learn!

Two directions at once - one slides up, one slides down (using 2 Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ). Hold down a note with one finger and slide on a different string using the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ at the same time.

Double- or Triple-slides (using 2 or 3 Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ). Slide once, then use the next finger in line to "slide again," doing the same slide over.

Slide-Skipping - slide up with the pinky Peaceland Guitar RingŪ and then slide down with the middle-finger Peaceland Guitar RingŪ. You can do large jumps and land on different fingers which are closer to where you are going, when you use more than one Peaceland Guitar RingŪ.

You can even do sweep picking and rakes and end up on slide, or start with slide and finish sweeping back to your fingers.

Fretless Bass?

Are you ready to play fretless bass? How about playing fretted AND fretless bass - all on one instrument? Switch easily from your fretted bass to simulate fretless bass with the Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ. Then, quickly and easily return to standard fretted playing, without changing instruments!!! (Requires "Killer" thickness to provide greater sustain for bass playing.)

Adjusting Peaceland Guitar RingŪ Fit with Felt Pads

Several sizes fit almost everyone (comes with felt pads to adjust for your own comfort). Suggested level of padding would be just enough to keep the ring from falling off if you point your fingers towards the ground, but not so tight as to cut off circulation and have your fingertips turning blue. This takes some adjustment. Try with a medium pad in the center of the large portion of the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ, then add smaller pads around it until you find the desired fit.