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Here's what a few if them said about this unique concept in guitar slides . . .

"I am definitely enjoying the Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ, they have added a lot of flexibility to my slide playing, and are pretty comfortable to have on when I'm not using them. I hope that everything goes well for you guys, as I think you definitely have something unique on your hands... pardon the pun! I have shown them to several friends of mine who were intrigued as well, always a good sign =)" - Donovan Raitt

"Why didn't somebody think of this before?" - anonymous

"This thing is 'bad'! This thing is great!" - Presley Perez, M&M Merchandise

"This is probably the single most accessible and affordable innovation at the show (NAMM 2005)" - Ravi

"This is awesome! This is a great idea! Wow! Amazing! What took so long?" - Chad, Musician, South Bend Indiana

"These are the BOMB, man!" - Marc Cooper

"I invented this thing in my mind 30 years ago!" - anonymous

"Take back the finger!" - Dave Hallock

"It doesn't get in the way of conventional chord making!" - Peter Bellak

"I saw Albert Lee using one of these small slides. It was a very surgical approach over the clumsy large slide." - JB

"That feels nice! It's comfortable! Fits like a glove!" - David Yergensen, VHT Amplification

"After having seen the Peaceland Guitar RingŪ in action, I'll be ordering one in every size in both brass and stainless!" - Anita Merritt

"In only 10 minutes - I can get it!" - Bill MacPherson, Taylor Endorsee

"Killer" - Lionel, Cripple Creek Music

"Awesome invention!" - Bruce

Within days of their introduction at at NAMM '05, Peaceland Guitar RingsŪ were in the news. Read the article at (formerly known as MusserRings)

"I feel like I have a new instrument!" - Ted Matzen, The Fender Benders

"This makes sense! That is a hip deal! This is a hot ticket! SOLD!!!" - Rich Yellin

"I'm a coveted owner, and I want more!" - Marc Cooper

"This is IT! I can feel it!" - Scott Huckabay, Morley/Taylor/Ebow Endorsee

"This is the coolest thing I've seen so far." - Glenn Lorbecki

"I walk around the NAMM show looking for cool new things, and this is the first time I've stopped..." - anonymous

"I bought one yesterday, I need another one!" - Paul Templeman, The Really Useful Music Co.

"Stone interested." - Tom Kerr, Fantastic Musical Instruments

"Here at NAMM 2005 with James Musser. I'm happy to announce the endorsement of his cool invention: The Peaceland Guitar RingŪ. A slide small enough to stay on your finger(s!) and still have full mobility of your fretting hand." - Marc Cooper

"For a guy that doesn't play slide too often, it really makes it a lot easier. I shy'd away because of the lack of mobility! Every dealer should have this!" - Mark Vincent, (studio guitarist/Melissa Etheridge and many others)

"It's a whole new world - whew!!!" - Ludovico Vagnone, Top Session Player/Spain

"This is so cool, I gotta try it!" - Rene Lemesnager

"I got something new, homey!" - Rashad

"Innovations in slide are great with me!" - Steve Knapp

"Finally! Wow, what a relief! I've just been waiting forever!" - Carl Margolis, Klein Acoustic Guitars

"I just want you guys to know, I am married to this thing. It's never coming off! I'm glad somebody finally did it!!!" - Jeff Pevar, Crosby, Stills and Nash, CPR and many others

"This is genius! Friggin' genius. No overtones on other strings! Unbelievable! I love this!" - Bob Myers

"This is it! It's totally gonna work... I owe you guys!!!" - Mr. Trent, Session Player

"It's like going back to school again... a WHOLE NEW WAY!!! That's what I've been looking for!" - Marc Cooper